Number of U.S. Suppliers Continues to Grow as CRRC Looks Ahead to Full Production in 2021

CHICAGO – CRRC Sifang America (CRRC) is currently working with more than 40 U.S. companies that are supplying specialized components for the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) 7000 Series passenger railcars. The number of suppliers has nearly doubled since June 2019.

“Sourcing components for the Chicago Transit Authority passenger railcars from U.S. companies continues to be one of our priorities,” said Marina Popovic, Human Resources Director & Chief Legal Counsel for CRRC Sifang America. “As an Illinois corporation, we are proud nearly a third of all our suppliers are located in Illinois.”

CRRC Sifang America is sourcing approximately 70% of the total cost of the railcar components from U.S. manufacturers, exceeding the contracted Buy America requirement. CRRC sources components required to produce passenger railcars in the U.S. from U.S. manufacturers whenever possible.